PT. Petrus Indonesia is  a member of the Petrus International Group which has more than 40 years of experience  in  mechanical and  electrical  engineering. PT.  Petrus Indonesia  traces  its  humble beginnings back  to  Singapore,  as  a  start-up  family  business,  now  managed  by  its  2nd  generation. Since  its establishment in  the  1970s,  it  has  rapidly  grown  into  a  specialised  company  providing one-stop  services to  major  companies  in  South  East  Asia.

Based  strategically  in  Batam,  where  more  than  sixty  shipyards  are  located,  Petrus  engineers  and technicians are able to reach any location in the region within a short period of time, saving customers many  precious  hours  of  downtime.

With its  wealth  of  experience,  the  PT.  Petrus  Indonesia  team  handles  complex  projects  with professional ease.  Being  an  ISO  certified  company ,  it  is  able  to  ensure  stringent  quality  controls and  the  highest standards  of  service  through  strict  adherence  to  internal  Standard  Operating Procedures  by  every department  coupled  with  the  flexibility  to  respond  quickly  to  customer  needs, technological  advances  and market  changes.

Its leading  position in  the market is  based on its  philosophy to provide quality service to customers with competitive pricing and developing strong  working relationships  with its  customers.  This philosophy has led  to  the  development  of  other  services  tailored  to  providing  better  support  for    customers,  such as  a  24-hour  call-out  facility  for  contracted  customers,  and  refurbishment  work  including  electronic control system  rebuilding and replacement.